“Very pleased to be back in sandals – I have not been able to wear my old sandals for several years and did not realise until recently it was possible to get ones that could be worn with discretely fitted orthotics. I came to see Mrs West who gave me advice on appropriate sandals to buy and made a pair of orthotics to fit them. I am over the moon with the result.”

CH South Cerney

“I came to see Mrs West after having pain from a heel spur for several years. I had used off the shelf products which provided some relief but not enough to make my longer dog walks comfortable. After a detail evaluation of my needs and a discussion about my expectations I decided to go with a pair of custom orthotics. It took a couple of weeks to build up the usage but now I would not be without them. The dog is looking a little tired…”

JD Henley

“Oxford Custom Orthotics were able to identify a solution for a long term problem I have had with my toes. They diagnosed the issue very quickly and provided an easy and very cost effective solution in double quick time.
I started to get the benefit from the orthotics from the first time I used them, walking became a pleasure again!”

MF Chesterton

A very satisfied customer – I have had two ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) from Mrs Clare West and have been delighted with both. She has gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure that they fit perfectly and that they are safe for me to wear.

HB Berkshire

“Friendly, supportive, highly professional and efficient. I couldn’t rate them higher.”

the Lady C

“I have been a long-term patient of the Oxford Ortho-Medic Consultancy and have very much appreciated the dedication, care, attention and service received with respect to my orthotic footwear. They are experts in their field and deliver their service professionally and empathetically. I cannot praise the consultancy highly enough and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

BD Berkshire

“In 2006 I had a consultation with Mr. Paul Cooke, Orthopaedic Surgeon at St. Luke’s Hospital because of chronic pain in my feet. I had tried “over the counter insoles” without success. Mr Cooke referred me to Mr. Chase, Orthotist to help resolve my problem which he described amongst other problems, as an element of flat foot and suggested a prescribed insole with a metartasal bar.
Once I got used to the insoles, I couldn’t believe the difference in my walking and the consequent comfort they gave me. The initial consultation and base is quite costly, but very worthwhile and the refurbishment of the top layer from time to time is no more expensive than pair of modestly priced shoes.
Mrs. C West is now my Orthotist since Mr Chase retired a few years ago and I would recommend any one who is in the same pain to make a consultation. If I had ignored my own problem I dread to think what trouble I might have caused myself and my feet.”

PC Bicester