A massively popular pastime in the UK is walking which has something for everyone, from long distance paths such as the ridgeway to day hikes

  • Wainwrights lake district walks
  • Munroe bagging in Scotland
  • Coastal paths
  • National Parks
  • Etc etc

People spend a lot of money on walking boots, sometimes without considering they come into contact with the inside more than the outside. The comfort and support the shoe offers can only be fully realised if the insole is correct for you.

Custom designed hiking orthotics give a better, more even weight distribution, thereby offloading key areas of the feet and knees. This can help to overcome some individual issues or just to reduce pressure on the main contact points, which can get sore from repetitive use. We can specify upgraded materials to increase shock absorbency and cushioning with benefits throughout the bodies muscles and joints.

Our design and specification process can allow for many things, from the thickness of socks to the quirks of individual boots.

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