Foot Orthotics

Start of use

1. An Orthotic device may have a significant effect on your body so it is important to understand how the process works when you start treatment.

You may get

  • Some aching in feet, calf muscles, thighs and lower back.
  • A feeling of contact (a lump) under the arch of your foot.
  • One foot may feeling different from the other for a while.

It is also worth remembering that inevitably insoles take up room in your shoe so if possible remove the existing one or wear shoes with sufficient space.

If you start to experience any of the following you should contact us

  • Severe shooting pains
  • Rubbing or blisters
  • Big toe joint pain.

2. Go steady

  • Build up usage over 4 weeks
    • 15 -60 minutes per day for the first 2 days
    • 30-90 minutes per day for days 3 & 4
    • 60- 240 minutes per day for days 5 to 7
    • 4-6 hours week 2
    • 6-8 hours week 3 & 4
    • 5 plus weeks all day
  • Don’t try strenuous activity during weeks 1-4
  • If you try to push usage ahead of this schedule you set back your whole programme.

3. Follow advice about what types of footwear to use while starting treatment.

Product Care

Air your orthoses each night by removing them from your footwear.

Come back to see us annually for a check- up of your Orthotics (and you)
Come back sooner if you experience weight gain (eg pregnancy) or experience any injury.

If your orthotics squeak when you walk dust your shoes with baby talc before insertion of your orthotics.


Always take your orthotics with you when you buy new footwear.

If possible look for shoes with removable insoles

Shoes with a deeper heal seats improve shoe fit when you wear orthotics.

Always bring your orthotics and the shoes you use them in when you come to see us.