Sport Orthotics

1. Book an appointment

We will agree a convenient appointment time with you at one of our regular clinics at St Lukes Hospital, Headington, Oxford.

2. Consultation

At the first consultation Clare will ask you about your issue and in conjunction with an examination will reach an assessment of your need. The next step is to discuss treatment options with you in detail.

Once this has been agreed you will be asked to pay in full and will receive an itemised receipt as well as any credit or debit card ticket. Under normal circumstances items will take 2 weeks to manufacture.

3. Fitting appointment

With first orders, we always arrange a fitting appointment to ensure the products fits you perfectly and that you understand how to use and care for the Orthotics.

For subsequent orders the product may be sent directly to you once quality checked by us. The option of a fitting appointment is always available if required.

4. Review

We propose patients come back on an annual basis for a review of progress and condition of Orthotics. This regular review ensures you get continuing optimum performance from your Orthotics and any changes in requirement can be identified early.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate we may ask for a more regular review depending on condition.

Payment Information

Payment is required in full on placing the order.

Payment via BACs, cheque, debit or credit cards are accepted.

We do not accept American Express