Benefits of customised Orthotics

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Benefits of customised Orthotics

With many different insoles (orthotics) available on the market, it’s a difficult decision to know which direction to turn when your feet, knees, hips or back hurts.

It’s important to know the benefits of both over the counter inserts and custom orthotics.

Over the counter inserts add cushioning and support to ordinary shoes.  They do not address specific foot issues although advertised for differing ones, they are usually dispensed by shoe size.

Due to the materials used in pre-fabricated inserts they cannot be easily modified to take into account different conditions or requirement. The materials tend to be softer and therefore don’t take into account body weight. If they have not been specifically prescribed for you they might cause problems rather than correct them. An advantage is they are relatively inexpensive and can be quickly replaced when worn out.

At the other end of the spectrum are custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are made to fit the contours of an individual’s feet and address specific foot issues. They can be made to fit specific shoe designs such as wellies & sandals to snow boots. Wide range of materials are often used which take into account activity levels and body mass. Suitability of materials means that they will last longer than over the counter inserts. Specifically designed to individually support your personal biomechanical needs, taking into account asymmetry and unusual anatomy.

Bespoke orthotics are designed to assist in preventing as far as possible further damage/ deterioration to weakened areas.

Custom orthotics tend to be more expensive and take a longer time to produce. They should also be reviewed on a regular basis (usually annually) by a qualified Orthotist to ensure your biomechanical needs are still being met as things change over time.

The significance of improved function in daily and recreational activities is obvious to most patients, who will accept the somewhat higher costs in exchange for the long-term health and wellness benefits.