In summer we all like to keep cool and find ways to enjoy ourselves on holidays or if the British weather allows at weekends and bank holidays. To do this we adopt shorts, T shirts and sandals. For Orthotics users this last one can offer some challenges, how do I wear sandals and still get the support I need?

We can offer a variety of orthotics solutions for sandals, depending on intended use and the amount of time customers are expecting to spend in sandals. If for example you intend to spend all day in the water paddling with the kids, you may need a different solution to someone who only intends to use them walking to the pool lounger.

The ability to fully enjoy your mobility on holiday makes you want to go further and do more. It is interesting to consider how much we limit ourselves at the time we should have the most freedom.

Many Foot health conditions are also improved by keep feet as cool as possible.

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Wellington Boots

If, like us, you are dog owners you will know they expect to be walked every day year round come rain or shine. Often the places where dogs can roam safely are away from metaled roads. This means we end up wading through mud and puddles a couple of times a day for what sometimes feels like a large part of the year.

This usually means wellington boots carry us for a good percentage of the steps we take in a day. If you need orthotics (like I do) this can be very hard on the feet if you don’t have orthotics. Like most people I overlooked my wellingtons and put up with the discomfort and relied on using orthotics in my dry shoes to make things right.

Over the period of a few years I noticed the pain worsened and took longer to go away, eventually I decided to address the issue.

In the last couple of years I have used the combination of full sole orthotics with zip wellies to resolve this issue. The zipper allows me to have a tighter fitting boot than would otherwise be possible which holds my foot steady on the orthotic insert. The difference in support and comfort is very noticeable.

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Winter Sports

Skiing is a massively popular winter pass-time with Brits. We travel all over the Europe and the rest of the world to enjoy this thrilling experience. Some people own their own boots while others rent equipment.

One thing all ski boots have in common is they are very hard and one thing all skiers have in common is they spend a large part of their day in their ski boots. This can be very uncomfortable and in extreme cases even damaging.

Even bespoke ski footwear with moulded inserts may not cater for the exact needs of all people. If the device is moulded from a weight bearing imprint it may not provide you with the support you need. Mrs West as an expert Orthotist can help you ensure that feet problems won’t interfere with your trip even if other small spills occur….

We also provide tailored solutions for your apres ski snow-boot requirements.