Introducing the new business

Company News

My name is Mrs Clare West I am the principal clinician for Oxford Custom Orthotics, along with my husband Adrian we run Oxford Custom Orthotics. More details of my medical background are available in the company information section.

I have worked in and around the organisation for 20 years before taking it over in July 2017. In addition to this role I have provided consultant based support for several NHS trusts and leading manufacturers.

When the opportunity to run my own business presented itself it was too good an opportunity to turn down. My aim is to continue to provide the great support for all our clients on an ongoing basis.

Many people have been coming to see me a decade or more. This type of long term relationship allows regular monitoring and deep understanding of an individual’s needs.

Ongoing assessment and adjustment of Orthotic treatment produces the best results for patients.

Adrian has a long experience of business management and provides the marketing and financial controls necessary to succeed as a small business.

I look forward to producing regular blog updates over the coming months.