We can help you focus on everyday life which is how all of us spend the vast majority of our lives. If you have a physical issue which distracts you from enjoying your day it can be a real pain…

Benefits of bespoke/customised orthotics

All of us are different and these differences matter when our bodies need some help. Although some measure of relief may be achieved from off the shelf products on many occasions only bespoke solutions will give the relief desired and help with permanent healing or at least minimise further deterioration.

For example, shoe inserts will only provide the correct support if help is provided in exactly the right place and the right way for you. The biomechanical forces at play are so complicated, that even with the help of a fully trained Orthotist, real life trials may still be needed to identify the optimum solution for you. We will stick with you through this to get the best possible outcome.

Over time your needs may change which is where people find working with Mrs West over prolonged period of years allows a full understanding of peoples evolving requirements.