Foot Orthotics – Multi pair advantages

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Foot Orthotics – Multi pair advantages and discounts.


Tired of moving your orthotics from shoe to shoe?

None of us only use one pair of shoes, therefore why would you only have one pair of orthotics.

If you want to wear a pair of shoes but they won’t accommodate your orthotics then you are not continuing with the treatment plan that has been advised.

Shoes have different outlines and internal space and therefore may require a different style of orthotic. Ladies footwear range from the smart work court shoe to trainers and summer sandals, Gents shoes also vary from oxford brogue to football boot.

Different styles of orthotics available are:

Dress – a more streamline version of your standard device to fit low profile footwear.

Cobra – great for low usage footwear such as court shoes

Sandals – certain brands of sandals have removable foot-beds which allow the provision of a full length bespoke equivalent orthotic to provide you with the comfort necessary during the summer months.

Even just having a second standard device with different cover length has its advantages.

Multiple pairs have the advantage of improved hygiene, shoe fit or allows you to leave them in your work boots or trainers and device longevity.

We are able to provide your second pair at a discounted price if ordered within 6 months of your original prescription.

If interested please contact us on 01865 759001.