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Oxford Custom Orthotics has evolved from Oxford Ortho-Medic Consultancy and before that Oxford Orthotic Consultancy. The clinic moved to St Lukes in 2001 after 4 years at The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre Oxford. St Lukes provides excellent quality facility for patient reception and consultation. Not to mention the recent addition of a top quality coffee shop next to the waiting room.

Originally founded by Mr Andrew Chase the business has attracted a wide base of customers from all walks of life. The original aims of providing top quality service at a speed that meets the needs of modern life have been continued to the current day. Clare worked alongside Mr Chase over a long period and helped shape the culture and practices of the clinic.

Due to ill health Mr Chase retired in 2012 and Clare West took over the role of Principal Orthotist. In June 2017, Clare & Adrian West took over ownership of the business and continue to run it with the same focus on top quality care and attention to customer needs.

During the last 10 years Clare has been a constant figure providing top class Orthotic assessment and prescription. Clients have benefitted from this consistency and deep understanding of individual needs over a prolonged period of time.